»Open Harp«

Musik, die das Herz öffnet….
…auf Ullas neuem Solo-Album »Open Harp« klingt die Harfe vielschichtig wie ein ganzes Orchester –  und es steckt so viel Groove und Herzblut darin wie noch nie!

»Harp goes Pop«

With this CD i fulfilled a dream of mine and arranged some of my favorite songs for harp. I went on a journey cross pop history… Doors, Abba, Coldplay and many more. And the best think about it – many songs actually seems to be written for harp.


Ulla’s album “Metharphosis” finally defies the harp’s cliché of being the “softly-sweet instrument of angels”. The harp sounds on this CD make musical dreams come true, both stylistically and acoustically. It’s a musical experience unlike any other and takes the listener on an exciting journey around the world.

»Harp & Glory«

Several melodys and rhythms occured to me over the last years. Finally they have made it on a regular CD. The new Album »Harp & Glory« is out now and can be ordered here! Mainly the harp is supported by some bass and percussions, supplemented of some keyboard sounds, vocals and celtic flutes. Don’t miss it!


Ulla takes her career to the next step and makes her debut as soloist with her album “Shalimar”, featuring her original compositions paired with well-known harp pieces. Her success is instant: Ulla van Daelen’s composition “Boliviana” with a striking Latin-American flair is selected as “song of the month” at Germany’s “Classic Radio” station.


The release of Ulla van Daelen’s Trio-CD “Surprise” represents her personal view of “dream instrumentation”. She programs her concerts mostly with harp, bass, and percussion instruments, which especially gets the attention of the jazz-music scene. It also leads to several performances on the radio by this “creative, exceptional musician”.


Ulla van Daelen is discovered by producer Tato Gomez. The product of their collaboration is the CD “Sunflower”, an album promoting the concept of relaxation, featuring her music. “Sunflower” develops into a success with worldwide distribution.

»Zur Weihnacht«

At least there is a christmas CD of Ulla! Contemplative and lope Harp-Sounds including some of the finest christmas songs and two new compositions. Happy Christmas to all!

»Rush Hour«

Ulla van Daelen’s follow-up CD called “Rush Hour” is published by the innovative label “New Classic Colours” as one of the first CD-ROM’s ever in the classical music category. It is extremely well received and praised by the industry’s press.

Currently not available!